Offshore Load Containers

IMC, being the key-player in the industry, offers a complete range of both offshore refrigerated and offshore dry-cargo containers. All new-built units are manufactured to the BS EN 12079-2:2006 standards to ensure clients receive the highest possible standard of safe and reliable equipment.

Offshore Load Containers

What is an offshore container?

Offshore containers are made for repeated use in the off shore industry, to transport equipment and supplies and be handled in open seas to and from (sometimes between) fixed and floating installations and ships. For instance, the oil industry and associated drilling sites rely upon offshore containers for safe transportation, protective storage and handling at sea.

Built to withstand the demands of continuous life at sea

Handling containers at sea means they have much greater demands place upon them, so they must be much tougher and more durable to withstand the harsh conditions of an offshore environment. To cope with these demands offshore containers are:

  • - Made of thicker materials
  • - Made entirely from metal (carbon steel, manganese steel, wrought alloy aluminium)
  • - Are able to withstand temperatures of -20C
  • - Subject to regular and rigorous inspection to ensure strict standards are maintained

If you are considering purchasing an offshore container, it's important to be aware of the regulations and strict standards they must adhere to, which are much more stringent than for standard marine containers.. Always check before purchase that the container you choose is made to the current DNV standards.

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